A Non-Stop Journey for Beauty 


Over the years, Señorita's co-founder gradually noticed her beauty slipping away. One day while watching the news, she came across a natural anti-aging spa.  Even though it wasn't a well known shop, she convinced herself it would be harmless to give it a try.  When she arrived, she consulted with the specialist about her concern; black spots were appearing on her face and they were negatively affecting her confidence. She worried her husband wouldn't be attracted to her beauty anymore. The specialist then introduced to her one treatment - "Reishi Mushroom Detoxification Treatment".   A month long dosage of Reishi mushroom essence was prescribed to her. Though the essence wasn't palatable, her dream of youth managed to drive away any obstacles. All of a sudden, she had an idea. She took the Reishi mushroom essence back into her room and instead of drinking it, she poured it into her bathtub and soaked herself in it. A month later, everyone was amazed by her flawless skin. The black pigments on her skin were all no where to be found, leaving her skin looking youthful and bright.

All her friends were jealous of her amazing skin and she finally gained back her confidence and beauty. She decided it was time to leave the treatment center as she had to get back to her family and job. She brought the Reishi mushroom essence to a dermatology research laboratory to identify the secret ingredients of this herb, Reishi mushroom.  She worked with the lab for 5 years and proudly shared her success with her family and friends. Thus, Reishi mushroom gained popularity and has became Señorita's™ signature product.

"Señorita" came from Spanish word meaning a young lady.  The co-founder found this word meaningful as it defines her passion in gaining her youth and beauty back when she discovered the natural Chinese herb. She believed all natural herbs have their own distinctive healing power. She always said, "If water gives tree the strength to grow stronger, this means having nature is good!" 

With this belief in mind, she later discovered more and more effective natural Chinese herbs skin care products.

The power of natural Chinese herbs provide sufficient need to our body and soul. To ensure that each prescription aids in specific skin problems, each bottle would have to be pure and made of simple ingredients. This is the reason why Señorita™ products are mild but very effective.

"Taking herbal prescription can strengthen the body. But to enhance the quality of the skin, then it must be applied straight onto the skin."